Too Late, A Poem

I dreamed I stood at Heaven’s Gate,

        Confronted with my sin.

An angel asked what made me think

               That I would be let in?


My hands began to tremble

     As I said, “Well, for a start,

I know the Ten Commandments

       And the Lord’s prayer all by heart.”


“My grandma was a Christian

     And she prayed a lot for me.

I know that God is one,

       while at the same time, somehow, three.”


My heart sank even lower as

     the angel slowly sat.

He spread his hands and sadly said,

    “The demons all know that.”


I begged him to look back to earth

      if he were somehow able,

And he would find a Bible

        laying on my coffee table.


I said I know Christ gave His life

     to set the captives free.

The angel said that knowing facts

        won’t do a thing for me.


“You cannot mean that it’s too late!

      This isn’t fair,” I cried.

“I meant to get to know the Lord

         sometime before I died.”


The angel heard his Master’s voice,

       then gave me one last look.

“He said He doesn’t know you

       and your name’s not in the book.”

                                          – l.e. harris

But he answered, ‘Truly, I say to you, I do not know you.’
(Matthew 25:12) ESV


Song from youtube, posted by 4HisName1:

Ricky Van Shelton – Don’t Overlook Salvation



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